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A Life I Never Had: Reviews

A Life I Never Had

A Life I Never Had is the CD that fans of rootsy local songwriter Alastair Moock knew he had in him. He displays the gifts the best folk songwriters have: romantic without seeming mawkish, clever without seeming precious, brooding without seeming self-pitying. The new CD is an aural feast, richly melodic, set to a propulsive groove, brimming with eloquent riffs and evocative moments, including stunning reinventions of classics by Woody Guthrie, Jimmie Rodgers, and John Prine...”
- The Boston Globe

“Alastair Moock has built his reputation in the Boston folk scene on a few simple elements: a gruff but tuneful voice, muscular steel-string fingerpicking, and raw, earthy songs. On A Life I Never Had, he brings one quality that was deliberately absent from his first two studio albums — high-quality studio production — to the table with excellent results. Because, if his previous work showcased Moock's natural gifts as a songwriter, A Life I Never Had gives his work the sonic sophistication it deserves.”
- The Boston Phoenix

“Alastair Moock's all-American folk music plays out if he were the second coming of Tom Waits. His latest, A Life I Never Had, is a seamless blend of blues and poetry.” Top 12 DIY, December 2002
- Performing Songwriter

“Boston singer/songwriter Alastair Moock consciously draws his inspiration from a variety of American roots traditions. On A Life I Never Had, the raspy-voiced personable-sounding Moock offers another collection of original and cover songs that bridge the gap between contemporary and traditional music... A particularly impressive new collection of songs...”
- Sing Out! Magazine

“With another well-conceived album to his credit, Moock continues to impress.”
- Dirty Linen

“That CD is just a killer... "Somewhere Elsewaerd [Blown]" is a total complete motherfucker. I can't listen to it without crying.”
- George Carlin, Comedian

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