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Bad Moock Rising: Reviews

Bad Moock Rising

A CMJ New Music Report Must Hear

Four Stars in The Cape Cod Times

“Boston singer/songwriter Alastair Moock is an anachronism in the best sense. He's a young man with the wizened sound of someone much older, often sounding a lot like Steve Forbert in both voice and arrangements, and he mixes his rootsy, confident originals with covers of old songs by people like Woody Guthrie and the young Bob Dylan. He writes hook-filled country rockers like Woman Like the Wind that steer you down an Americana highway with a slick dobro lead, and lonesome roadhouse love songs like Take Me When You Go, mixing them up with funny slacker anthems like Here's a Latte and My Middle Finger. His between-verses comments in the eight-minute live version of Guthrie's Pretty Boy Floyd that closes the disc show that Moock knows both his history and how to tell a good story.”
- Dirty Linen

“Although steeped in tradition, Moock adds a definite contemporary twist, with a keen sense of irreverence which draws the listener in. It's music the common man can relate to — unpretentious, honest, and real.”
- Music Matters Review

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