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“Alastair Moock displays the gifts the best folk songwriters have: romantic without seeming mawkish, clever without seeming precious, brooding without seeming self-pitying...”
- The Boston Globe

“One of Boston's best and most adventurous songwriters.”
- The Boston Globe

“A young folkie who sounds just as rough, rootsy, and masculine as the bad boys of the 60s... Moock has a gnarled but pleasing voice and the air of a man who's hitched from coast to coast.”
- The Boston Herald

“Moock has become simply one of the top songwriters in the region.”
- The Boston Herald

“Moock's songs are simple, built on country-blues structures and free of the convoluted metaphors and self-conscious wordplay that clutter so much modern folk music ... Every one is a gem.”
- The Washington Post

“With each of his five albums, this Boston-based singer-songwriter has honed his signature ability to write songs that sound joyfully homespun and irreverent while also being painstakingly poetic and intricate. He's settled nicely into the role of a folkie raconteur, exploring the American vernacular from swing to blues to Appalachian mountain music and fitting each genre to the timeless themes of his lyrics. Those styles also fit perfectly with Alastair's voice, which is pitched somewhere between a rasp and growl: this is a voice made for vintage-sounding Americana.”
- Sing Out!

“... Moock is an anachronism in the best sense. He's a young man with the wizened sound of someone much older, often sounding a lot like Steve Forbert in both voice and arrangements, and he mixes his rootsy, confident originals with covers of old songs... Moock knows both his history and how to tell a good story.”
- Dirty Linen

“Alastair Moock is the second coming of John Prine.”
- Ellis Paul, Songwriter

“Alastair Moock's all-American folk music plays out if he were the second coming of Tom Waits.”
- Performing Songwriter

“Alastair Moock has been compared to John Prine, Steve Forbert, Tom Waits and other rough voices in American roots music. The comparisons miss the fact that his folksy songs about wandering friends, lost loves, and travel have the freshness of a newly opened window.”
- Acoustic Guitar

“Moock's rough voice and easy songs are comforting. Listening to or singing along with [him] is like falling asleep in the back of your parents' car, going home.”
- Boston's NPR News Source

“Alastair Moock has that feeling about his songs that can best be compared to that fresh smell after a soaking rain that was preceded by a long drought. He has a style that is distinctly his own and will confound all those who love neat little boxes, for there is chaos in his mixture of intelligent wit and a gravel pit voice.”
- Bob Gottlieb, Freelance Music Writer (No Depression, FAME, AllMusic Guide)

“Alastair is one of the hottest new folk performers on the Boston scene, a very modern songwriter with a wonderfully rootsy American folk sound. I'm convinced that if Woody Guthrie were alive today, he'd just love Alastair's wry wit, gravel'n'honey voice and nervy willingness to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth whenever he sings.”
- Scott Alarik, Author, Deep Community

“I've been listening to one song a day from the album 'cause it's like ice cream or a good novel — like when I read The Godfather, I wouldn't read more than two pages 'cuz I didn't want to finish it... That CD is a killer — just a total complete motherfucka.”
- George Carlin, Comedian

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Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Alastair Moock began to make a name for himself on the folk and Americana circuit back in 1995, touring throughout the U.S. and Europe and playing major festivals including Newport and Norway’s Bergen Music Fest. When Moock's twin daughters were born in 2006, he turned his focus to children’s music, releasing four award-winning albums for kids and families. This spring, he returned to his singer-songwriter roots with his first “grownup" album release in ten years. The Boston Globe calls him “one of the town's best and most adventurous songwriters” and The Washington Post says “every song is a gem.”

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